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Novosibirsk: Odd Contrasts and a New Destination

It's been a strange week here in Novosibirsk, full of odd contrasts. The city, the third-largest in Russia, manages to feel cosmopolitan, yet weirdly provincial at the same time. Photo Gallery: A statue of Lenin looms over downtown Novosibirsk, a...

By Lisa Dickey | October 14, 2005; 10:15 AM ET | Comments (9)

Novosibirsk: Zhenya's Arrest and Siberian Gay Life

Today's posting was supposed to be about how gay life has changed in Novosibirsk over the last 10 years. All week, we've been talking to people, asking them what's different now, what's better, what's worse. Then, when I talked to...

By Lisa Dickey | October 13, 2005; 11:15 AM ET | Comments (9)

Becoming Openly Gay in Novosibirsk

Getting confirmation that Grisha had, in fact, been killed in 1999 was a distressing way to start our week in Novosibirsk. But on the flip side, it's been heartening to see how well his friends have been doing in the...

By Lisa Dickey | October 13, 2005; 10:15 AM ET | Comments (10)

Novosibirsk: Grisha's Death

Nearly four years after Gary and I finished the original Russian Chronicles trip, we received an email from someone named Aleksey. He wrote: "I just thought that you might want to know this. The Russian gay guy Grisha from Novosibirsk...

By Lisa Dickey | October 11, 2005; 10:48 AM ET | Comments (5)


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