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Johnny Oldfield, a very kind "Star Wars" fan who lives in Gloucester Point, Va., e-mailed yesterday with a question I'm sure is on the minds of many: Where can I see "Episode III" on a digital screen?

I made calls to a few theaters in the Washington area and it sounds like managers are still negotiating. Loews Rio in Gaithersburg is hoping to show it in digital, as is the Multiplex Cinemas Lee Highway, but neither is definite yet. The Crown Theatres in Annapolis Mall, however, has confirmed that it will present Darth Vader digitally.

If you live elsewhere and want to know if you can see it in digital at a theater near you, check out the list on

So did anyone check out the line outside the Uptown over the weekend? Are the lines getting started in your home town? E-mail and let me know. And if you have interesting "Star Wars"-related photos of fans in costume, someone who's turned their living room into Jabba's lair, etc., send those my way, too. I'm hoping to post a few later in the week. This goes without saying, but let's keep it clean. I think I speak for all of us when I say I don't need to see someone dressed as Lando Calrissian in a compromising position.

-- Jen

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