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Waiting for Nets

I went to find Sujith Nambukara, the fisherman who lost his wife and child during the tsunami and he brought me up to date with his news. He has completed repair work on a boat that was given to him...

By | May 18, 2005; 05:00 AM ET | Comments (4)

A View of Sathniwasapura

View PanoramaTo help you get a better feel for the people and places I am writing about in this blog, sent staff video-journalist Travis Fox to Sri Lanka. Travis is here with me now, and we are working closely...

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Sujith's Story

View Enlarged Photo and CaptionThis is the story of Sujith Nambukara. He is a fisherman with a lean face and slim, muscular body. Prior to the tsunami, his family shared a three-room house in Sathniwasapura with his parents and his...

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